Thank you to Kerry Liggins and Barbara Adams, founders and organizers of Artishow, for all of their hard work and dedication to the program. The Victoria Arts Council is excited to be taking over their highly successful program! Artishow features 23 ‘Artists in Residence’ at four Victoria Hotels from May – October.

“To make art, in all its forms, open to everyone in accessible venues allowing exposure of the art’s benefits and values to the individual and to the greater community without it being intimidating or elitist.”

A rotation of artists, on a monthly or agreed upon schedule will be placed strategically in designated hotels showcasing their works and craft supplying ongoing artistic interaction with hotel guests and the public.

To expose the inherent benefits that art offers including aesthetic and inspirational values for a sense of connection, validation and well being in the individual, the local and global community.

To help promote Victoria as a destination of culture and art.

To instill in Victorians a sense of pride that our city is capable of welcoming and presenting artists from all cultures and media to the public in an innovative educational and aesthetic forum.

Artishow’s future plan is to continue Artists in Residence programs at hotels throughout the year and offer weekend outdoor visual art events at all of the participating hotels starting the end of June and continuing until the end of September.

Artishow endeavors to have Victoria known as “City of Artists” bringing to light the creativity and fine artistic talent that will only enhance our naturally beautiful city.