Location: 735 Broughton Street, Victoria BC, V8W 3H2

Hours: 24/7 access from exterior, inside access during library hours

Display Space

  • Total display space is on walls.
  • Total length of display is 6.6 metres (21’6″), composed of a 2.1 metre (7′) run, a 1.2 metre (4′) run, and a 3.2 metre (10’6″) run
  • Hanging rail is mounted at 2.7 metres (8’9″).
  • The gallery has a chain and an S-hook hanging system. Attach a wire on the back of artwork as close to the top of the back to avoid work falling forward.
  • This venue is suitable for 2-D artwork only by an individual artist.


  • Exhibitions run for six weeks.
  • All artwork is subject to approval by VAC and GVPL, a family-friendly, culturally diverse facility.
  • Artists sign a standard contract before installing art.
  • Prices cannot be displayed, but a price list can be provided to the “Talking Books” counter for inquiries.
  • If a piece is sold you must arrange to install a replacement piece


  • $40 per show for VAC members; $80 per show for future members, administration fee to be paid in advance.
  • 20% commission payable to VAC on all sales.


  • Set-up and strike are on predetermined dates.
  • Artists are responsible for the install and strike of their work.  Volunteer help can be requested but is dependent on availability
  • Please ensure all artwork is wired and ready to hang, and bring along tools (gum for mounting labels, etc.)


  • VAC will promote the exhibition through our email newsletter, website calendar, and social media.
  • GVPL will promote the exhibition on their website using images and information provided by artists.
  • Artists are required to provide their own art labels and promotional materials, which must include contact information, medium, and title of work (no price). It should be business card sized on white card-stock.
  • Artists are expected to create a bio (8.5” x 11”) for display; there is a two sided clear poster holder in the window at the library so you can either bring 2 copies or one of each type on the day of the installation.
  • Artists provide an artist’s bio and two photos of their work (jpegs & PDF) for VAC promotion.
  • All promotional material must be approved by VAC in advance before being made public. VAC will provide logos for use on posters.

Sale of Artwork

  • All sales are the responsibility of the artist, so be sure to include contact information on labels.

Available Bookings

Please email us at arts@vicartscouncil.ca if you would like to book this venue, or if you have any questions.