TEKNIQ Victoria

TEKNIQ Victoria


Date: November 15 – 24, 2018

Location: VAC Gallery (1800 Store Street)

VAC presents TEKNIQ, our first ever abstract art fair.

This is a semi-juried show open to VAC members. This show is open to artists of all levels, Victoria Arts Council (VAC) membership is required to enter (it may be purchased while entering), and adjudication of works is $5 to all members for up to 3 pieces. Hanging fees for accepted works are $20/piece. All entries must be original creations not shown in another show or gallery previously. There will be a prize for Best in Show and two Honourary Mentions.

FIFTY abstract works will be accepted into the art fair.

EXHIBITION DATES:  November 15 – 24, 2018
EXHIBITION LOCATION: VAC Gallery (1800 Store Street)
DEADLINE FOR ONLINE SUBMISSION: Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 1:00pm

Curator: Paul McNair, VAC President, collector & artist

All artwork is to be submitted for adjudication through our online application.  Artists will be charged a 25% commission on art sales which includes all transaction fees.

Accepted artists will be encouraged to volunteer your time to assist with sitting the show.  Artists sitting the show will have their commission reduced to 20% and have their submission fee waived. Please contact us at volunteer@vicartscouncil.ca if you are interested.

Media categories:

  • 2-D – all media on board, canvas or paper excluding reproductions or giclees (see below).  All works must be professionally presented.
  • 3-D – three-dimensional or sculptural work of any material(s) including unique hand-crafted art objects such as jewellery, glass works, metalwork, up-cycle crafters, multi-media, woodcraft and ceramics, etc.
  • Photography – both traditional and digital methods.

PLEASE NOTE: It is up to the artist’s discretion to choose the category of their work.  Each individual work may only be submitted to one category.

  • Up to 3 pieces per artist will be accepted for adjudication (diptychs and triptychs are considered one piece, but must be within maximum size dimensions for single entry)
  • Maximum size for 2-D work is 36”h x 36”w (up to 9 square feet) and for 3-D up to 8’ in height.  If you are entering heavy work you must be available to provide assistance in moving it in and out of the venue 
  • Artwork must be original work of the artist not previously shown in a show or gallery previously.
  • Photography both traditional and digital methods will be accepted.  Please include information on specific photographic and development techniques and whether the image was digitally manipulated.
  • Digital and photographic prints, engravings, lithographs and etchings are accepted for adjudication in limited editions of not more than 15.  All such work must be identified with the total number of editions of the piece available plus the method of producing the work.  None of the editions should have been sold prior to the show.
  • Computer generated artwork must be entirely original to the artist
  • Reproductions, giclees and copies will not be accepted
  • If any work is in violation of the above guidelines or contravenes copyright laws, the VAC retains the right to remove it from the show

Image Quality:

  • Use plain or graded backgrounds
  • Must be clearly focused, well-lit and properly exposed
  • Artists may be asked to submit new pictures if images are of poor quality
  • All images MUST give as close a representation of the work as possible in terms of colour and detail
  • Artwork that does not conform to submission image quality may be refused

Number of Images:

  • Up to two images for each 2-D or photographic submission
  • Up to three images for each 3-D submission

Image Specifications:

  • Maximum 4MB
  • In jpg format


Contact Information: All contact information must be up to date and accurate. 

Category: Media categories include: 2-D, 3-D, and photography (refer to media categories above). Artwork may be re-categorized prior to adjudication.

Medium and Substrate: A brief explanation of the primary artistic materials (i.e. oil, acrylic, watercolour, etc.) and the substrate or base materials, if any (i.e. canvas, steel, wood panel, rice paper, silk, etc).

Dimensions: Measurements of the artwork in inches (height by width), in two or three dimensions, as appropriate.

Price: The retail (sale) price of the artwork must be set in advance.  All artwork submitted must be available for sale.   Please note: the VAC does not add tax to the retail price of the work, we ask that you price your work accordingly if you collect tax on your art sales. 

Optional description: Artists may give an optional 25 word description of their artwork to give jurors insight into the artistic process and techniques used.  This information will appear with the artwork during exhibition.


ALL pieces must be delivered to VAC on November 12 between 5 pm and 7 pm or November 13 between 9 am and 11 am. No late entries will be accepted.

All pieces MUST be show ready including hanging. Each piece MUST be accompanied with the VAC exhibition wall card (2 copies available on the VAC website). This must not be taped to the piece (please put it in an envelope or hand deliver unattached as these are used for display purposes). Works delivered without the proper gallery card and not show ready will not be accepted.

The show will close November 24 and works must be picked up between 4 and 6 pm November 24 or 9 and 11 am November 25.

Opening Reception: November 15 5 to 7 pm