Community MLA Rob Fleming Visual

Path of Hope: Leigh Wilkins, MLA Rob Fleming’s Office

August 11 – November 9 2021

MLA Rob Fleming’s Office

1020 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2A3

Viewing hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-3pm

We are pleased to present Path of Hope, a presentation of paintings and photographs by Leigh Wilkins in our satellite gallery at MLA Rob Fleming’s office in Quadra Village.

“I walk, in fact I walk a lot. I see, in fact I see a lot. I feel, in fact I feel a lot. I am happy, in fact I am happy a lot. I get lost in moments, in fact I get lost in moments a lot; and in those moments, I pause, in fact in those moments I pause a lot; and then I am grateful, in fact I am grateful a lot, as right then, before, and after I am on the Path of Hope.” – Leigh Wilkins

About the Artist: As a child growing up on a large dairy and maple syrup farm, Leigh’s days were full of cows, horses, dogs, cats, tractors, wagons, trees, woods, a very tall silo, rolling hills, green fields, brooks, pastures, gardens, fields of timothy hay and corn, and lots of fresh air and exercise. Growing up visual art intimidated Leigh, although she embraced music, dance, and theatre.

In her late teens Leigh moved to downtown Montreal and attended Tourism College, where her passion for the Hotel Industry blossomed into a fulfilling career and lifestyle.

Fast forward ten years to the west coast of Canada and a new way of expressing thoughts and feelings began. Leigh felt the freedom to be and live a more open and expressive life. Leigh wanted to express the colour of love she had in her heart, and there it was… Burnt Sienna, the beginning of putting paint and brush to canvas. Realizing there were other colours for emotions, she created 10 Abstract Acrylic paintings, although real freedom of expression was lacking. Leigh had her first art show on August 1, 1999 at Turk’s coffee on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Fifteen years passed without painting, and then in 2014 Leigh was once again reaching for paint, brush, and canvas. After writing some poetic prose, and attempting to write a novel about her greatest loss, her paintings took on a new direction influenced by the deep sadness of her past. Leigh’s paintings became dynamic gestures of energy and emotion. Her bathtub was centre stage for these energetic bursts no longer hindered with barriers or restraints. Leigh’s personal journey of positive re-birth and dynamic colour and form began.

Today Leigh is once again at a new beginning. She continues to paint in her impasto style… spontaneous, explosive, and energetic gestures expressed through layers of paint in a fast and fervent style. Supported by artists and her community, Leigh continues exploring painting, as well as drawing, sketching and photography.

When asked about her art, Leigh responds, “I am happiest when I paint. When someone is drawn to one of my paintings and it speaks to them, this is the ultimate.” Her life today is about love, nature, living a healthy lifestyle, and growing amazing food. The thread that gathers it all together is Art.