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International Women’s Day

Call to Artists!
Deadline to Submit: 15 February 2023

In recognition of International Women’s Day, the Victoria Arts Council is seeking proposals from local and regional artists who are interested in participating in a thematic group exhibition throughout March 2023 in our main gallery.The 2023 theme for International Women’s Day is EMBRACE EQUITY

Levelling Up, Breaking Down: The seeds of inequity sown early in the lives of most women continue to grow and become more firmly rooted with every new stage of life. The focus of this exhibition is to expose and explore how systems of oppression work to turn women’s changing bodies against them by invalidating and undervaluing the experiences of those changes and the new roles taken on by women as they become mothers or as they age.

How can women continue to be seen as productive and valued in the face of these natural and in many cases inevitable changes? Whether it be the maternal experience or the aging experience, women at these crossroads from a variety of backgrounds find themselves at a disadvantage in a society that judges value and worth on a singular and decidedly male notion of productivity and success.From pay equity to the ‘motherhood penalty’ and the ongoing fight to support our senior citizens as aging in-place becomes more and more a reality for healthier living, what are the ways in which these intersecting conversations are foregrounded in art? Are women in the arts confronted by these same challenges? How are BIPOC women further marginalized when they reach these stages of life? How has inequity impacted your work or your ability to work?

The work included in this exhibition will be selected by guest-curators Cass McConkey and Desireé Leal, and will amplify, or complicate, the theme of economic vulnerability often experienced by women as they move through certain stages of life. These stages, be they a consequence to a chosen path, such as motherhood, or an inevitability such as aging, see a dwindling of options and accessibility to economic stability during times when those women’s contributions may be as valuable, if not more so than when they were younger and/or childless.

Call to Artists

The VAC is looking for visual art, installation, video, audio, poetry, artist books, textiles, performance, and more …

This Call to Artists is open to all female-identified, as well as gender fluid, gender non-conforming, trans*, and non-binary artists.

Proposals should include:
– Bio (max 250 words)
– Artist statement as it relates to the theme (max 500 words)
– Title, medium, dimensions and year of work**If new work or performance is being proposed, please include examples of previous work with an outline of what you’d like to do as part of this exhibit.
– Contact information [email; mailing address; and phone number]

Email a single PDF to: with the subject line: IWD2023 – Levelling Up, Breaking Down

Levelling Up, Breaking Down will be exhibited from: 4 – 31 March 2023
Opening reception: Saturday 4 March, 3PM
Workshop: Saturday 12 March, 3 PM
Panel Discussion: Saturday Saturday 19 March, 3 PM
Artists-in-Conversation: TBD
CreativeMornings: CORRUPTION, Friday 31 March, 11am

Deadline to Submit: 15 February 2023