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Levelling Up, Breaking Down

image credit: Melania Jack

4 – 31 March 2023
VAC Main Gallery
1800 Store Street (wheelchair accessible)
Wed-Sun 12pm-5pm

Levelling Up, Breaking Down

International Women’s Day @ VAC
4-31 March 2023

Opening: Saturday 4 March @ 3PM with The Raging Grannies!

Workshop: Sunday 12 March @ 3 PM, Breaking Down Traditional Male Notions on Female Pelvic Health with Sasja Drechsler, one hour, confirm attendance

Artists-in-Conversation: Saturday 18 March @ 3PM

Panel Discussion: Sunday 26 March @ 3 PM
with Anita Mathur of ZONTA, Margaret Hantiuk and Desirée.

Creative Mornings: Friday 31 March @ 11am “Corruption” with Judy Woo.

The Victoria Arts Council recognizes International Women’s Day with a month-long exhibition and weekly events throughout March.

Co-curated by Cass McConkey and Desirée Leal, Levelling Up, Breaking Down features the work of ten artists and considers the continued socio-political inequities women* face.

The seeds of inequity sown early in the lives of most women continue to grow and become more firmly rooted with every new stage of life. The focus of this exhibition is to expose and explore how systems of oppression work to turn women’s changing bodies against them by invalidating and undervaluing the experiences of those changes and the new roles taken on by women as they become mothers or as they age.

Participating artists include: Ann K. ChouFrancine ChampagneJane CoombeDewey Decimal, Melania Jack*, Margaret HantiukAshley de KroonSamantha LoneyOona McClureJudy Woo, with an installation in the VAC Vault by Andrea Hennig.

Established in 1968, the VAC celebrates International Women’s Day annually through exhibitions, performances, and lectures. |