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Little Gems 2022

Victoria Arts Council
Little Gems
3-18 December 2022
1800 Store Street [wheelchair accessible]

Please join us Saturday 3rd of December at 3PM for our open house, which includes: VAC Annual General Meeting; the official unveiling of our BIPOC Artist Billboard Projects; and the reception of Little Gems Members’ Show + Sale.

Support local artists this year! Buy original works of art and cards!  Cash & Carry… all work purchased goes out at time of sale, and will be replenished throughout the exhibition.

The gallery is open daily from 10am-6pm throughout Little Gems.

Contributing artists in VAC Little Gems 2022 are:

Alison Bigg, Andrea Simmonds, Anne L McCarthy, Avis Rasmussen, Aviv Talya Dekel, Barbara Holland, Bonnie Helm-Northover, Carol Oliver, Catherine Fraser, Catherine Steele, Dave Skilling, David Martinello, Donald Rowe, Donna Law, Elizabeth Ashworth, Erica Mitchell, Flo-Elle Watson, Gary Chilibeck, Greg Robertson, Heather Keenan, Heather MacNeil, Heidi Bergstrom, Jane Coombe, Jane Francis, Joel Blaicher, John G. Boehme, Joshua Watts, Judy Taylor, Julia Serena Ready, Karen Hibbard, Kate Collie, Kathleen Schmalz, Kelly Langham, Kevin Harney, Laurel Rossnagel, Leroy Boris, Lisa-Scarlett Cruji, Lycia Trouton, Lydia Dagg, Lynne Raaflaub, M2 Creative – Marianne Goodrich & Maurina Joaquin, Maija Ksander, Mara Szyp, Marianne Goodrich, Marylou Wakefield, Michael Morris, Michel Desrochers, Miles Hunter, Nicole Mandryk, Nikolay Mingaleev, Pat Martin Bates, Paul Yewchuk, Randie  Feil, Regan Rasmussen, Rhonda Lee Usipiuk, Roberta Pyx Sutherland, Shelley M Hordiyuk, Stephanie Vandamme, Sue Hirst, Susan Salvati, Suzanne Underwood, Todd Lambeth, Val Hostetler, Victoria Edgarr, Wendy Thompson