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Deadline to Submit: 15 July 2022

There are a number of definitions of Soundscape… most include “the perception of the sounds by listeners”.

The soundscape of Victoria is often presented as waves on a rocky beach, carillon bells, carriage horse hooves, ship’s horns, bagpipes or fiddles in the inner harbour and the many sounds of the Victoria Day Parade. These are some sounds in the public perception of Victoria’s soundscape.

For UNTIL 12: MIXTAPE SOUNDSCAPE we would like work based on a soundscape that resonates with you.

What is your perception of the sounds around you?
Does what you hear affect your sense of place?
Can the soundscape set a rhythm for you?
Are there sounds that define a special or personal environment?
How can your perception of a soundscape shape your creative output?

We welcome works that are  inspired by intimate snippets of sound, or by an all out acoustic onslaught. All work submitted must be original in concept (we recognize that sampling has long played an important role in Soundscapes and so if your work does make use of samples, please clearly identify them with your artist statement). 

About the Guest-Editor:
Spending a large part of his childhood playing with reel-to-reel tape and listening to shortwave radio, it was inevitable that sound creation and manipulation would be part of Michael Benneyworth’s multidisciplinary artistic practice. His sound art works are concerned with the sounds themselves: ways of creating sounds, how sounds inform space and assembled sound collages rather than song forms.

Past works include the construction of acoustic devices ranging from small instruments to large sculptural sound installations. Michael’s current projects are focused on the  recording and performance of generative and ambient electronic music. He has performed solo and with a number of experimental music groups, recently joined the board of the Garden City Electronic Music Society and has been a member of the Unity Drummers and Singers since 2005. 

Call to Artists:
The Victoria Arts Council is seeking submissions of literary works (poetry, prose, essays, and non-classifiable texts), visual art, moving image, and audio/musical arts to be included in the next issue of Until. 

Please email submissions to: with UNTIL ISSUE 12: Mixtape Soundscape in the subject line

Accepted file types include jpg, png, tif, pdf, doc, mp3 & mp4.

With your emailed submission, please include:

  • Bio (max 250 words)
  • Artist statement as it might relate to the theme (max 500 words)
  • Title, medium, dimensions and year of work 
  • Contact information

All contributors will receive an honorarium as well as one free annual membership to the VAC.

Deadline to Submit: 15 July 2022

Issue 12 will go live: 1 August 2022