Victoria International Airport

Leroy Boris @yyj

Leroy Boris

The Sound of Colour

Victoria International Airport

June 28 – September 28, 2021

7 days a week, 3:30am – 1:30am

The Sound of Colour series came surprisingly, a result of being in a global pandemic lockdown with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but paint and listen to my favourite music. As always, I try to focus on shapes and their relationship with each other and with colours and textures, aggressively plastering the paint onto the canvas with my palette knife and various plaster and cement tools. I see abstract work as a two-way interaction, with the artist and the viewer playing equal roles in discovering the piece. I attack my work aggressively. As the music blasts in the background, I get mesmerized by the dance.

Impasto is one of the techniques that I employed quite a bit in this series. I like striking a balance between sharp, diagonal strokes of the palette knives with vibrant linear and non-linear aspects in vivid and bright colours, representing the natural relationship with rhythm, beats, tempo music, sharp, powerful colours and shapes and textures.

While painting this series, the world outside my door was losing its compass. There is no question that the uncertainty of the times played heavily on this series.Leroy Boris Bakelmun, is a gemologist, jewellery designer and an abstract painter. He has lived in many places throughout the world and now calls Victoria home. Leroy is a self taught designer and artist, these paintings are from his latest series called the ‘Sound of Colour’, he employs the use of palette knives, trowels and various other drywall tools. The pieces are bursting with colours and textures, while creating the paintings Leroy would listen to his favourite music, hence the title for the series. These pieces were all completed during the Covid 19 pandemic.You can find more of Leroy Boris’s art at his website also you can email him at He can be followed on facebook at Leroyboris and on instagram Find him on YouTube as leroy boris. Check out this video presentation of Leroy’s paintings below!