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13 January – 28 February 2021

Clare Thomas
David Martinello
François Michaud
Joanne Salé
Lydia AM Miller
Stéfane Dimopoulos

curator: Kegan McFadden

The Victoria Arts Council in partnership with the BC Land Trust Alliance present an exhibition of work by Vancouver Island artists centred on the theme of echoing ecologies.

Seen in an influx of exhibitions taking shape internationally the growing concern for our Earth has never been more palpable, nor has it been addressed by the artistic community with such multiplicity. What we are interested in, through the exploration of an ‘echo’, is artwork that refers to both the fragility and the resilience of our ecosystem. The featured artists show us how impact resonates, how materials matter, and the expansive investigation into all things minuscule to macroscopic as we forge ahead with the accumulated knowledge of what continues to transpire.

The works assembled for this exhibition offer their own insights into the theme, often using materials taken from the land as a means of discussing resource extraction and climate emergency. From weaving with kelp to depictions of paintings of animals navigating uncertainty; from patterns developed with insects facing extinction to beach-combing-turned archive of waste; from the timber of felled trees to the timbre of a now silent performance … eco:echo points to the resilience of land when we need it most.

Location: 1800 Store Street | accessible venue

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday from noon to five pm.