theDock Visual

“follow the signs” Dallas Segno @ theDock

14 January – 22 April 2022

300-722 Cormorant St, Victoria, BC

M-F 8:30am-5pm

About the project: 

A sound. It whispers. Ignored.
A scream. It hurts. Assault.

All things climb from the source of nothing and into existence the easiest way possible. Mundane reminders are revisited with paper thin transparencies, welded and permanent. A hand reaches out to save from flood waters and choice is deeply considered between that and a frail branch; blind.

Missing it.

Lullabies flowing beyond.
Unfulfilled documents.
Touch me with truth.

About the artist: What is an artist today? Dallas Segno is a Jamaican Canadian multi-media conceptual artist emerging from Victoria, BC. Music, film, cartoons, wall art, architecture, digital design, there is no limit to Dallas’s reach. Represented by an emoji and 3d printed mask, Dallas Segno challenges how we understand identity in a world where you’ve consented to it being used to sell yourself back to you.