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CreativeMornings: “CRITICAL” with Kosar Movahedi

Friday, 26 August 2022



Free to attend

August’s theme is CRITICAL and we are pleased to announce our speaker is Kosar Movahedi. This talk coincides with the Victoria Arts Council’s current exhibition at our main gallery of MFA candidates from the University of Victoria’s Department of Visual Arts. This exhibition, which is titled, From Here On, can be viewed until August 28th at 1800 Store Street.

When asked about “critical,” our speaker said,

“In the digital information age, we are constantly bombarded by content and information. This can make it hard for us to form our own opinions or develop nuance in what we perceive. Can abstract photography help us be critical of how we see things?

I’ll be sharing my work in capturing space through photography, and talk about how vagueness, unfamiliarity and slowing down can be antidotes to our culture of mass visual consumption.”

About the speaker:

Kosar Movahedi is an emerging artist whose practice explores space and time in relation to visual perception. Current work revolves around the relationship of image and experience through photography, video, drawing and mixed-media installation.

Movahedi holds a BSc in Architecture from University of Tehran and is an MFA candidate at the University of Victoria, BC. Her work has resulted in exhibitions and publications in Canada, Iran, Kazakhstan, and the United Kingdom.

Instagram @kmovii