News Programs Victoria International Airport Visual

Mara Syzp @ YYJ Airport

14 July – 6 Oct 2023
1640 Electra Boulevard, Sidney BC, V8L 5V4
Daily, 3:30am – 1:30am
The venue at the Victoria International Airport is the café area before security.

About the Artist:
Mara Szyp is an emerging Argentinean-Canadian artist. She travelled around Argentina, through the USA where she lived in Los Angeles, later to Spain, Barcelona and then in 2005 she made her home in beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. She specializes in West Coast Landscapes and Contemporary Abstracts. 

Mara is a double cancer survivor who loves working with oils and acrylics. In 2017 after her third cancer, she was given another chance to live, and she decided to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to her passion for arts full time. 

Surrounded by the incredible beaches and foggy forests, her unique perspective on her work tends to tilt towards romanticized reality, dreamlike images of real places that invite you to travel without even moving. She approaches her works with the intention to elate each viewer to feel the sand and rocks under their feet, smell the salty ocean breeze, and hear the birds above, as the tips of trees dance in the wind and the water splashes the shores. She puts all of herself in each art piece she births. She is a very intuitive artist, and her senses are always open to perceive the world around her and that’s something you can feel through her art.